We all love a good bargain, Prime Hot Deals is a website which offers great discounts on properties and the ability to reserve a property online for the first time in Sri Lanka.

its a simple 4 step process. 1. Send us the inquiry or Call our hotline via 0710666111 2. We will contact you back/Sales Officer will provide the required details. 3. Visit the property via virtual 360 view / arrange a site visit with the Sales officer 4. Reserve the Property by completing the Booking fee of Rs. 25000

Yes, All Sri Lankan citizen's are eligible to purchase without any restrictions.

You can view the property using the virtual 360 view or make an appointment to visit the site with a Sales officer.

You will receive a confirmation email from Prime Hot Deals, Please show the email to our Sales Officer and select the preferred payment mode and finalize the sales and purchase agreement.

No, You can select any of our standard payment methods and get the discount.

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